noblefirstdayThanks for connecting with me! I do my best to respond as quickly as possible (usually within 24 hrs). If you don’t hear from me within a couple days something may of gone wrong with the web site, in that situation please shoot another message my way. Thanks!

Jason (at)

Lenwood Enterprises LLC

210 N. Bourbeuse St.

Box 231

St. James MO 65559

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  1. Thanks for the call! I placed the order for a black 46″ hybrid with SS buckel. But could not find a note field to indicate I want a brass buckel. So I am sending this email to you in making that request.

    Thanks again,

    1. James,
      Thanks for ordering your belt from me! I really appreciate it.

      I’ve got a note here to put a solid brass buckle on your belt.

      Please let me know if you need anything.



  2. Love my new Lenwood holster. Carrying a G43 in it, and it snaps in tight. Had a alien gear hybrid holster, and wasn’t completely confident in the guns security. The gun in the alien gear didn’t seem to have any retention. In my line of work I never know which what conditiions might occurr. Definitely plan to buy a few more. Thanks for the great holster.

    Det. P.

    1. Det. P.,
      Great to hear! Thanks for letting me know… I’m proud to have you using the gear I built!


  3. I just recently went home for an R&R from Afghanistan and my belt and holster were waiting. I ordered the wraith along with the hybrid belt and some magazine holster. The only mistake that I found was I will have to order another belt. When I measured myself I was at my Afghan working/fighting weight. About two weeks into My R&R the belt was a little to snug but it will be well worth the expense. I will definitely promote Lenwood products to all the other professionals I work with. Ray

    1. Ray,
      Thanks for following up! I’m very proud you are using gear that I built! Send that belt back with a note indicating the measurement you want and where to send it to and I’ll build a replacement and send it your way.

      Stay safe out there buddy!


  4. Just got my other new Wraith holster for my G23 with weapon light. Service as always was awesome, and Lenwood got my holster to me pronto. Thanks again for the great holsters!!

  5. Love my Lenwood Holsters for both my G43 and G35. I use them both on a daily basis for Off and On duty carry. Very comfortable and easy to operate!…

    Also, have a Lenwood Belt which is strong and has held up under my everyday life. 5 stars, sort to speak, for being able to do that.

    looking for forward to purchasing again soon!!

  6. Good respond back to me next day(personal phone call) with a holster for a firearm that was not available here.and now its available. Thanks again

  7. I really love your holsters. I have one for my G19 and one for my G22. My G19 is my EDC and the Lenwood Wraith is my EDC holster. Pulls the gun up and in, very comfortable.

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