About Us

We are Lenwood Enterprises, a division of Iron Hill Armory. (www.ironhillarmory.com)

We are a family-owned business in Saint James, Missouri. We strive for the best quality products and the best customer satisfaction possible. Without our most important asset, you-the customer, we would not be here as excited and growing as rapidly as we are.

Iron Hill Armory has been in business since March of 2019 and purchased Lenwood Enterprises (another local family-owned business) in September of 2022.

Our mission is to keep the same level and commitment to customer satisfaction, quality, and performance of our products to you.

Lenwood is located at
Iron Hill Armory / Lenwood Enterprises
120 North Jefferson
Saint James, Missouri 65559

You can like us on Facebook
or email us at sales@lenwood.com