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Lenwood Wire Belt

A common problem among anyone with consumer electronics is cable management. Wether you call them cables, wires, or cords one thing remains the same with all of them… Tangles. The Lenwood Wire Belt was designed to eliminate the bird’s nest tangle that ofter occurs when dealing with ear buds, headphones, and even charging cables.

Lenwood Wire Belt

How it works:

Simply wrap the wire around your fingers to create a circle, place the circle into the open Wire Belt, Snap the Wire Belt over the wire. Relax and enjoy your day knowing the next time you need your headphones it won’t take 20 minuets to untangle them.


Lenwood Wire Belts are available standard in Black, Brown, Natural, and Oil Rubbed. However, you will frequently see other options available in small quantities. If I’m sourcing leather and happen to see some leather that I think may make great Wire Belts I pick it up and make them available until it’s gone.

Lenwood Wire Belt Black 3Lenwood Wire Belt Brown 3 copyLenwood Wire Belt Natural 3Lenwood Wire Belt Oil Rubbed 3


The package contains four Lenwood Wire Belts. Shipping is FREE in the US.


There are a few things that make Lenwood Wire Belts superior to the other available options in the market.

  • Premium Leather – Many companies produce their version of the Wire Belt out of upholstery leather or worse yet, imitation leather. At Lenwood we only use PREMIUM high quality leather.
  • Snaps – While they are cheaper and I see a lot of glove style snaps on the competitors gear I only use high quality Line 20 and Line 24 snaps on my Wire Belts. I use Line 20 when the leather is on the thinner side and Line 24 when it’s on the thicker side. Glove snaps are nice to look at but that’s about it. They unfasten easy – not something you want to happen. And they wear out quickly. Not something I want to happen.
  • Hand Made – That’s right we course the leather by hand, set the single die and run the press (made before I was born) one at a time to cut them out perfectly, then we use a bench top hand operated press to install each snap piece one at a time and crimp them down just right.

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Lenwood Wire Belts
Lenwood Wire Belts
Lenwood Wire Belts are the perfect tool to keep your wires organized and tangle free. They not only function just as they should, they look great! ** 4 Pack **