10-41 Duty Holster

Lenwood 10-41 Duty Holster The Lenwood 10-41 Duty Holster was designed with the input from several military and law enforcement individuals who are experts in their field. The final product is an extremely durable and comfortable level 2 retention holster.


  • Level 2 thumb actuated retention hood.
  • Premium .08 Kydex shell for durability, retention, and weight reduction.
  • Adjustable friction retention.
  • Full grip accessibility.
  • Weapon’s mounted light compatibility.
  • Choice of several belt mounting options.
  • Quick Smooth Draw.

NOTE: Holster mounting pieces are hard to get right now. This is putting us further behind than normal on 10-41 holsters. All holsters are built in the order that the order is received and unfortunately I can not know for sure when my suppliers will get restocked. I’m sorry for the inconvenience.


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Lenwood 10-41 Duty Holster
Lenwood 10-41 Duty Holster
The Lenwood 10-41 Duty Holster is hand made and over built. Designed to be comfortable, secure, and effective for daily military and law enforcement use.

All Lenwood holsters are hand built to your specifications right here in Missouri. The 10-41 takes more time to build than the other holsters so please add a few days to our listed leed time.

User Comments:

It’s clear you’ve had good input about the needs of a duty rig.
First, you’ve cut the holster to allow a high master grip on the gun prior
to the draw–that’s been a big issue with other light-bearing holsters I’ve
tested for work and for my web site.  Often, the “funnel” for the light
gets in the way of the grip, and I’ve ended up with a raw knuckle at the
end of a range day.  That definitely wasn’t the case with the 10-41 rig.  I
love the model name, by the way.

This was my first time trying a rig with the Blade Tech WRS hood, but I am
now a big fan.  It gives good retention of the weapon but allows a very
fast draw.  Also, the retention of the holster is excellent.  Once
holstered, the gun is held firmly in place, but I don’t have to fight the
holster to get the gun out.

The Blade Tech D/OS hanger works well, too.  It places the gun at a nice,
mid-ride height that lets it sit on the duty belt without getting in the
way of the other gear we have on it.

I really don’t have any negatives to say about the holster.  It’s very well
thought out.