The Lenwood Story


After returning from World War II my Papa married Meme, and they traveled around the country working on construction projects for the federal government. Eventually they had my dad and settled down back home. Papa built many of the houses in our sleepy little town, the pizza hut, and even one of the churches.

When I was seven Papa became my summer babysitter. He didn’t seem to mind and I sure loved it. I “worked” on a lot of job sites with him and was his constant companion at the coffee shop. 

As time passed I needed summer jobs and worked right alongside him. We worked hard and enjoyed our time together. Papa always treated people right, worked hard, and made sure the work was done right.

When I started Lenwood the first big purchase I had to make was a sewing machine. $2,500 seemed like a lot of money to everyone for a shot in the dark but Meme and Papa were supportive and encouraging. “You’ve got to take a risk or two,” Papa said. So they loaned me the money to buy the sewing machine and start Lenwood. I doubt they thought they’d ever see that $2,500 again but I paid it back in six months!

Picking a name for my company was easy. I wanted the name to represent quality, honesty, and hard work. I named it after the man who taught me the value of each of each, Ralph Lenwood Davis.

Every piece of gear we build at Lenwood carries his legacy.