Blunt Force Elite

I’ve been asked to do a monthly box several times. Finally on a recent live I was convinced to give it a shot… So here goes…

Blunt Force Elite is an annual or semi-annual membership that puts a piece of Lenwood/BFB (or industry partner) EDC gear in your hands every month of your membership. Each month it will be something different. At times the item may be announced ahead of time, other times it will be a complete surprise. Some of the items will be BFElite exclusives while a few may also be available to the wider group. Only BFElite Members will have their gear marked as BFElite.

Some items I have in mind:
Partner Business Items

My goal is to put some really great gear in your hands at a lower price than if you were to buy them individually.

Each month the item(s) will have a value of at least $20. If you know me, you know I’ll want to make sure you get a great deal so I plan to push the envelope on value as much as possible. Plus you DON’T PAY SHIPPING!

Open enrollment will be the month of January. At the end of January enrollment will close until July when we will open enrollment again. This will help prevent a lot of ongoing clerical work on my end but still allow more frequent enrollment than annually.

Annual: $150 total cost
Comparison: $20 items +$3 shipping x 12 months = $276 (SAVINGS: $126)

Semi-Annual: $100
Comparison: $20 items +$3 shipping x 6 months = $138 (SAVINGS: $38)

Because this is new and there will likely be some kinks to work out, I’m limiting this first enrollment to a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 20 people.

If at the end of January we don’t fill at least 10 seats I’ll issue refunds and move on past this idea.

Enrollment closes the last day of January.