The Lenwood Hybrid Blunt Force Trauma Belt

Lenwood Hand Made Over Built Blunt Force Trauma Belt Standing On Belt 940

First his belts alone are amazing, I mean you can literally tow a truck with a Lenwood belt.  Now with the addition of the skullcrusher buckle you have a weapon you can take anywhere, because it is well, “just a belt”.

– Jack Spirko   The Survival Podcast

Busting glass and whatnot will scratch the leather on your belt.

14333749_10154060601961871_4485264374665952578_nMilled out of 303 Stainless steel right here in Missouri, the 6 oz Lenwood Blunt Force Trauma Buckle was designed from the ground up to be the perfect buckle and self defense weapon.

Dozens of prototypes, hours and hours of testing, and input from folks who do some of the most demanding defense work in the world has resulted in a buckle that is exceptional in every way.


In the same way, the Lenwood Hybrid Belt system was developed based on real world experience, many prototyping stages, and countless hours of testing.

Built in the Lenwood shop in central Missouri, the Lenwood Hybrid features two piece construction to eliminate the risk of a third middle layer working it’s way loose and causing damage to the belt and user.

A full length 1,000 lb break strength coated belting material liner is glued and stitched to premium full grain leather using military grade thread. The result is a belt that secures a pistol better than those with a metal liner, will not stretch or roll,  and doesn’t scream “he’s got a gun,” while remaining comfortable and professional.

The Blunt Force Trauma Buckle is mounted to the Hybrid belt with two stainless steel machine screws and two button studs allow for adjustability and security. The buckle will not come loose accidentally but you won’t have to wrestle to get it off if you need to beat someone with it.

You don’t have to be defenseless even in no gun zones.

Be prepared. Look good. Break faces.

Lenwood Blunt Force Trauma Belt- Hybrid Belt
Lenwood Blunt Force Trauma Belt- Hybrid Belt
The Lenwood Blunt Force Trauma Belt - Look good and break faces! This version of the BFT is mounted to a Lenwood Hybrid Belt. The Lenwood Hybrid Belt consists of a full grain 10 oz leather belt strip that is glued and stitched to a PVC coated polyester webbing that has a 1,000 lb break strength. This produces the best CCW gun belt available with exceptional vertical rigidity, surprising comfort, and unsurpassed durability. If you are looking for the single best CCW gun belt, this is it.


To order the correct size DO NOT order your pants size.

Measure your current belt as illustrated below.

Lenwood-Leather-Belt-Measurement-Diagram copy

What people are saying:

As a busy executive who enjoys his 2nd amendment rights but travels half the year, it gives me more confidence knowing that something as simple as a belt gives me a tactical advantage in places where I can’t carry a firearm.  The belt is extremely comfortable and I feel as good about wearing it with a suit as I do hunting.  Another great product from the folks at Lenwood!”
–Josh from Nashville TN

I’ve personally had the opportunity to lay hands on the BFT and the intuitive sleek design conceals a powerful trauma inflicting tool.

–Jason from KS

 I can’t confirm or deny my ownership of the aforementioned item, but yes, it’s awesome.

–Matt from MO

A few years ago I had to give up my duty and right to carry my pistol anywhere when I turned in my badge.  I still carry pretty much everywhere I legally can but there are some places a “piece” just don’t logically work.  I was out in the country and was headed for a dip in the river with my kids and the thought of leaving my gun out while we had fun was not an option.  Long story short, a carrying a gun isn’t always a viable (or legal) option.  But I was still not a helpless victim either.  I wore my new favorite belt the BLT and felt totally at ease.  Not weaponless by any means.  My girls panicked on when they saw a Coyote but I just unbuckled and was ready to go.  Lucky the Coyote had another agenda.  lol  I work private sector now where carrying is highly frowned upon.  lol  But now I always wear my BFT belt.  The buckle has some good weight on it and no doubt more than capable of ending a scuffle quickly (with an animal of course) or breaking glass (or desktop computer) or whatever your blunt force need is at that moment. This belt has the unmatched overbuilt quality that Lenwood always provides for its belts!!! This should be a must have investment.  Investment because it will be around longer than any pair of britches you own.

– Larry

This is quite the belt! Just buy one and you will see. The way that it buckles and option for a nice backup defense weapon is awesome!

–Nathan from MI

Good morning Jason.  I ordered two belts and made a mistake with my original order.  You helped me correct the error immediately.
I received my belts yesterday and they are FANTASTIC!  Outstanding quality.  I couldn’t be happier.  I will let my friends and everyone else I can know what a terrific company you run.  When I our anyone in my family has a need for anything you provide,  we’ll be placing an order with you.
Thanks again,
–Don Pfettscher