Lenwood Wraith

Lenwood Wraith Glock 43 HexCam 2
1. a ghost or ghostlike image of someone, especially one seen shortly before or after their death.

The Lenwood Wraith is a hand built holster designed from the ground up for comfort, durability, and reliability. As the name implies, it's designed to tuck in close to the body to be hidden and unnoticed until your sidearm is called to action.


The Lenwood Wraith is designed for comfort. If a holster is not comfortable you wont wear it. If you don't wear it, you won't have your pistol when you need it. Two primary features make the Wraith more comfortable than other Kydex holsters.
  • 80/20 Molding

80% of the gun is molded into the exterior piece of Kydex while 20% is molded into the piece closest to the body. This prevents the gun from pushing into your side while you are wearing it.

  • Arched Molding

We designed a process that molds the Wraith to an arch that mimics the side of your body. When on your side the holster works with your body, not against it. This produces a snug fit that keeps your gun right where it should be without pushing the gun into your side.Lenwood Wraith Glock 43 HexCam


The Lenwood Wraith is designed for durability. If a holster does not stand up to the abuse you throw at it you can not trust it. We build durability into the Lenwood Wraith. Two key features make the Wraith more durable than other Kydex holsters.

  • High Quality Parts and Materials

The Lenwood Wraith features genuine top quality Kydex brand thermoplastic that is .08 inch thick. .08 inch thick Kydex is the perfect balance of rigidity and flexibility. We space our eyelets at 3/4" center to center which provides exceptional strength without causing stress. If they eyelets were farther apart the holster would have too much flex, if they were closer together it would result in weakness. We also use premium machine screws, posts, and finish washers.

  • The Advent of the Lenwood Loop

Working with folks who use this type of gear in the field doing police, DOD, and special operations their primary complaint with holsters were the loops used to attach the holster to their belts. The standard Kydex and injection molded plastic loops frequently broke as a result of the abuse doled out in these environments. I knew I wanted to do something different, something better. After experimenting with a variety of materials and designs I eventually came up with the design that is now known as the Lenwood Loop. The Lenwood Loop provides a belt loop attachment that is significantly more durable than the standard industry offerings. The Lenwood Loop fits belts that are up to 1.5" wide and a variety of thicknesses.


The advancements that make the Lenwood Wraith more comfortable and durable are the very things that make it more reliable than other Kydex holsters. The improved comfort will make you want to wear it and the increased durability will instill trust so you know it will be there when you need it.

In addition to these features standard Lenwood Wraith holsters feature two tension screws to allow you to adjust the retention to your desire.

Also Available:

Turn your Lenwood Wraith into an IWB (Inside the Waistband) holster with the Lenwood Wraith IWB Kit (available on this page).

Add injection molded plastic belt loops to your Lenwood Wraith with an IMP Loop Kit (available on this page).

Have your holster built to house your gun with a mounted light or laser please select "Add a Light or Laser" option (available on this page).

Click here to view Kydex color options.

If your gun is not on the list please contact me. If I'm able to get a drone for your gun I'd be happy to buy it and build your holster.


Lenwood Wraith (OWB)
Lenwood Wraith (OWB)
A wraith is the spirit of someone or something living or dead that is seen just before or just after their death. A suitable name for a holster that wraps around the curve of the body. Comfortable, hidden, waiting until it is needed. While many holster makers are working to achieve a 50/50 mold (they want the gun to be molded into the front and back pieces of Kydex® evenly) at Lenwood we see things a little differently (that's nothing new). Why would you want half of a gun sticking into your side? After years of testing we've found that about a 80/20 is what is best. 80% of the gun is molded into the exterior piece of Kydex® while 20% of the gun is molded into the interior piece of Kydex®. This allows for proper retention, draw, and function while dramatically increasing the comfort level. We take comfort an extra step by molding the Wraith holster in an arch mimicking the shape of the side of the body so that it comfortably wraps around you. If you hate comfort and would rather have a gun gouging into your side the Wraith is not the holster for you. *Add a light or laser below

Wraith Holster IWB Upgrade Kit
Wraith Holster IWB Upgrade Kit
The Wraith Holster IWB Upgrade Kit converts your Lenwood Wraith Holster to be carried inside the waistband. It also allows the user to tuck their shirt in. The Wraith IWB Conversion Kit consists of four smooth backed posts, one spacer, and two injection molded clips. The Wraith IWB Conversion Kit is easily installed, it'll take about five minutes.

Add A Light or Laser
Add A Light or Laser
If you would like me to build your holster around your pistol with an added light or laser please add one of the options below to your order. Thanks! If your light or laser is not on the list please let me know what you have and I'll see if I can make it happen.

Lenwood Wraith Mag Carrier
Lenwood Wraith Mag Carrier
The Specter Mag Carrier is the perfect companion to your Wraith holster. The double Wraith mag carriers are two singles mounted together.

Wraith Holster Injection Molded Plastic Loop Kit
Wraith Holster Injection Molded Plastic Loop Kit
The Wraith Holster Injection Molded Plastic Loop Kit allows you to switch out your Lenwood Loops with the more common plastic belt loops. The kit includes two belt loops and the hardware to mount them to your Wraith holster. NOTE: Only coyote brown loops available at this time - But no-one will see them so who cares?