Premium, hand made and over built Lenwood holsters.


Lenwood Specter Kydex IWB Inside The Waste Holster

The Lenwood Specter

Designed to provide comfortable, consistent, tuckable,

and practical AIWB and IWB concealment. 

Lenwood Wraith OWB Kydex Holster 1911

The Lenwood Wraith

Exceptional durability, function,

and comfort that conceals.


Lenwood Full Battle Dress

Comfortable, covert, and reliable AIWB concealment keeps your pistol and spare magazine ready to roll whenever you are.

Lenwood 10-41 Duty Holster

Lenwood 10-41 Duty Holster

Level 2 retention drop duty holster for all day comfort, security, and effectiveness for military and law enforcement use.