We build the highest quality belts by hand in the Ozark Mountains of Missouri for carrying a gun, tools, or even just holding your pants up.


To order the correct size please measure your belt from where the buckle attaches to the hole you use the most. Keep in mind any gear you may wear with your new belt and make length accommodations. View the belt measuring video.

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Leather color options:

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Lenwood Blunt Force Trauma Hybrid Belt

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Lenwood Hybrid
Lenwood Hybrid
The Lenwood Hybrid belt is hands down the best belt available. Great for CCW, duty, casual, farm, etc. It will hold up and take all the abuse you'll throw at it. It is built by hand using a premium 10oz full grail leather belt slab and a synthetic belt slab (PVC coated polyester). They are glued and then stitched together using industrial nylon thread. The edges are hand finished. All Lenwood belts now come standard with stainless steel buckles.
Lenwood Conveyor
Lenwood Conveyor
The Lenwood Conveyor Belt is just that. We sourced the toughest conveyor belting material we could find and turned it into our Conveyor belt. This material is designed to be used in industrial and agricultural equipment with longevity even under extreme use so it will hold up to your every day use with no problem. The belt is textured and waterproof so if you have trouble with moisture or equipment sliding this belt will fix those issues. This belt is like the Model T, you can have any color you want as long as it's black. All Lenwood belts now come standard with stainless steel buckles. What does it convey about you?
Lenwood General Purpose
Lenwood General Purpose
The Lenwood Leather General Purpose Belt is just that, a standard all around belt that's good for everyday wear. Hand made out of a single layer of full grain cowhide. All Lenwood belts now come standard with stainless steel buckles.